Saver Series Weather Saver

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Capital Chemical Industries  Weather Saver Exterior Wall Primer is a premium quality 100% acrylic-based primer. It has unique durability and better penetration with smooth brush ability. It provides protection against severe weather conditions to all types of masonry surfaces including brickworks, plaster, wallboards, and cement rendering.

  • Resists algae and fungal growth
  • Tough and durable
  • High coverage
  • Eco friendly

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Drummy (14.56 Ltr), Gallon (3.64 Ltr), Quarter (0.91 Ltr)


Off White 8001, sugar cane 8002, Autumn Stone 8003, Cameo 8004, Beige 8005, Cinnamon 8006, Honey Dew 8007, spice 8008, Sand Stone 8009, Tea Rose 8010, Terracotta 8011, Red oxide 8012, Bronze 8013, Salmon 8014, Ash White 8015, Sky Grey 8016, Charcoal 8017, Tlie Red 8018, Blue 8019, Avocado 8020, Lime Light 8021

Surface Preparation

Remove mould & algae patches with a hard brush and wash the surface with a domestic bleach solution (1 part bleach + 1 part water). After 3 days. once again wash the surface with water to remove traces of chlorine and let it dry. Apply one coat of Saver Series Undercoat, and let it dry hard. Then apply 2 to 3 coats of Saver Series Weather Saver. If the existing paint is sound, Saver Series Weather Saver may be applied directly after normal cleaning. If the old paint is loose or flaking, defective material should be removed by scraping. Finally, apply 2 to 3 coats of Saver Series Weather Saver. Please note that filling putti on the exterior surfaces is not recommended, use plaster/cement mix for removing surface defects.


Ideally, thin 4 litres of Saver Series Weather Saver with 2-3 litres of clear water. However, high-porosity surfaces will require more thinning than low-porosity surfaces.


Before use, mix thoroughly to ensure that all the pigments are evenly dispersed. Thinning should be done under constant stirring. Apply 2-3 coats of Saver Series Weather Saver allowing 2-3 hours between coats.

Tips For Safety, Economy and Environmental Protection

Keep the paint container airtight after use and store in a shady & dry place. Scrape excess paint out of brushes and rollers before cleaning. Wash all equipment immediately after use with clean water or a mild detergent solution. Shake excess water out then wrap them in a piece of clean cloth. Doing so will revive your brushes back to the original. Do not dispose-off excess paint into drains or watercourses, disposal should be done in accordance with the environmental regulations. If paint spills onto your body or in your eyes, wash thoroughly with clean water and seek medical advice. Spots and splashes should be washed off before they have dried as Saver Series Weather Saver is resistant to water and washing, once it is dry.


Main Uses Most suitable for all types of exterior surfaces such as plaster, concrete, brick & pebble dash etc. It is resistant to all weather hazards. It is also a superior finish for interior surfaces.
Colour Range Please refer to standard Colour Card.
Covering Capacity 10-13 m²/litre per coat.
Application Brush or Roller
Drying Time Surface Dry: 30 minutes, Recoat ability 2-3 hours (Depending on the Humidity & Temperature)
Packaging Drummy (14.56 Ltr), Gallon (3.64 Ltr), Quarter (0.91 Ltr)

Gobis Color Collection

Antelope 3043 (3043)

Light Grey 3003 (3003 )

Teak 3042 (3042)

Signal Red 3017 (3017)

Avacado 8020 (8020)

Blue 8019 (8019)

Tile Red 8018 (8018)

Charcoal 8017 (8017)

Sky Gray 8016 (8016)

Ash White 8015 (8015)

Salmon 8014 (8014)

Bronze 8013 (8013)

Terracotta 8011 (8011)

Tea Rose 8010 (8010)

Sand Stone 8009 (8009)

Spice 8008 (8008)

Honey Dew 8007 (8007)

Cinnamon 8006 (8006)

Beige 8005 (8005)

Cameo 8004 (8004)

Autumn Stone 8003 (8003)

Sugar Cane 8002 (8002)

Off White 8001 (8001)