Superfine Stain Free Aqua Matt

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Size: Drummy (16.00Ltr), Gallon (4Ltr) , Quarter(1Ltr)

Newlac Stain Free Aqua Matt is a premium quality interior paint designed to repel a wide range of household stains such as tea, coffee, juice, ink, sauce, ketchup, etc. Because Of its Repellent” property, it has high resistance to the penetration of waterborne stains, So stains don’t stick and can be easily removed without damaging the paint. “Stain Repellent” property mokes Stain Free Aqlua Maft the best choice for walkaways, living rooms and dining rooms

Special Features

  • Exterior Coating 100% Acrylic based
  • Protects against fungus and algae
  • Fights against all weather conditions
  • Resists hairline cracks
  • Maximizes dirt resistance

Additional information


Drummy, Gallon, Quarter


Interior, Exterior


Capital Chemical Industries SuperFine Water Based Primer fills pores, hides imperfections
and reduces damage from salts and alkali

Recommended use

To seal pores and imperfections Of plaster, concrete and gypsum
surfaces & give primer surface for the final application. The product is
easy to apply with a brush and provides the ideal finish for subsequent

Physical properties

Colour White
Finish Matt
Solids (vol %)* 42±2
Flash point N/A — Water Based
Specific Gravity 1.46 – 0.03

Film Thickness and Spreading Rate

Recommended film thickness        according to surface (typically 30 microns dft)
Spreading rate                                   (Normally 12-14 m2/Ltr/Coat)


Application Methods: Brush,Roller,Spray
Cleaning: Clean Water
Thinning: 50 – 70 % with Clean Water

Drying Time

Temperature Dry to Touch Dry to Handle Recoating Time
25 •c 2 hours 4 hours 4 hours
35 •c 1 hours 3 hour 3 hours


Typical paint system

Diamond Wall Sealer                                  1 Coat
Diamond Overall Primer Filler Putty      2 Coats
Diamond Overall Super Emulsion           2 Coats


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